The need for a good work schedule should be a priority for anyone that manages their own time, regardless of the business. A common misconception is that only “really busy” executives need a schedule, but this is untrue, almost anyone can benefit from a well laid out work plan.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your workload organized and your productivity high – whether you work by yourself or with others, at home, or for a large company – is to set a working schedule. You need to allot yourself amounts of time to focus on various specific tasks and aspects of your work, from the small and seemingly trivial items, to the larger stages of projects within your day to day routine.

A smooth schedule that gives you enough time to address the various parts of your workday will help the time flow smoothly, and keep you motivated and on track. It will also help prevent you from spending too much time on less important tasks, or not giving enough time to larger or more important ones, and feeling stressed at the end of the day that you didn’t get the work you needed to finish done.

When working on a schedule you set yourself, it becomes very easy to become disorganized, or not use your own time wisely. All too often one can fall into the pitfall of feeling a schedule isn’t necessary, thinking you’ll just get it done as it comes along. However, without giving yourself the courtesy of setting aside a schedule you may find yourself overwhelmed when projects come to a head, or spending too much time on earlier stages and then falling behind on your work.

The process of setting a schedule for your self is relatively simple though, and can be broken down into a few basic steps:

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