do it yourself

I know what kind of person you are. You’re a true “do-it-yourselfer,” aren’t you? You like to be in control, and the way you see it — the best way to get anything done is to just do it yourself.

Why spend time bouncing your ideas off of others when you know your idea is perfect to begin with? It’s not like they have the same vision as you, so why bother throwing it around to people who have no clue what they’re talking about?

Believe me, I once thought like this too. I like to be in control of things, and do everything myself. It’s something that comes from being a web designer, and has carried through into other aspects of my life.

Photo by Mish Sukharev

The truth is, you can’t do everything yourself. Breaking this mindset is not always easy, but it’s something you’ll need to learn.

…and fast.

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