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Has there been something on your mind that is just driving you crazy lately? It’s common nowadays to become consumed by stress, and let any problems in your life take over.

With so much going on, you can’t help but run into a bunch of drama from time to time, and that is just the tipping point for most people.

So, I have outlined a process that will help you solve literally any problem you run into.

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Do you really kiss your mother with that mouth?

There are certain words we all use each day that seem so innocent, and so harmless that we don’t even think twice about using them over and over again.

And no, I’m not talking about dropping f-bombs or any of those other “colorful” words.

I’m talking about words that are much worse.

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“Just do it.”

The saying that millions of us live by every day, and the ultimate motivator to getting just about anything done. When’s the last time you said this to yourself — and meant it, without getting something done?

I can’t think of a time either.

It works because of one major factor: it’s simple. It’s an easily remembered, direct command that has a meaning anyone can understand.

Why do you think Nike adopted this message as their company slogan? It just works.

Photo by Charlie P. Clark

Why is it that when your significant other tells you to “just do it,” you listen? Maybe you cower in fear over it, but in the end it gets done.

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